At Early Pursuits, we believe that children develop by experience and we support this development and learning by teaching children how to grow their skills by hands-on interactions with educational toys, art materials, song, dance, drama, musical instruments, age appropriate resources, and by staying away from screens.


We believe that the role of the educator is to guide children in developing to be the best versions of themselves. This means the educator finds the strengths of each child and helps them harness and develop their strengths. When there is room for improvement in an area, the educator will see that and help address that area for the child as well.  


The goal of the curriculum is for children to stay active and engaged. For children to learn all that they can while receiving quality care.


Program activities you will see at our site include: Art activities, crafts, cooking/baking, outdoor play, drama, song, dance, musical instrument lessons, language, and many other engaging activities.